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Debbie Wilson’s poem

Figure Eight

I See a figure eight,
It stands for hands held tight.
In the figure eight,
All people truly rate.
I see a figure eight,
I happen to think together is great.
In the figure eight,
there is nobody acting all fake.
I see a figure eight,
please visualize the beauty of the
figure eight,
where hands don’t break and hearts don’t have to ache.
I believe in the figure eight.

Debbie M. Wilson

the figure

Congress Finds Unique Bipartisan Support for Traumatic Brain Injury Programs

Tracy Morgan’s Future Uncertain Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Medical cannabis

Dear friends, I so wish someone had told me about the medical benefits of cannabis. Because I did not know I lost my teeth my gallbladder and my entire large intestine to the side effects of pharmaceutical medications. In this NCBD community we believe you have the right to know the truth about medicine before you have to decide. YES, MEDICAL CANNABIS IS ALSO A MEDICINE FOR MANY Diseases and Disorders! Thanks for educating yourself and your family and friends.

Debbie M. Wilson

Dozens file suit against Disney claiming park discriminates…

Dozens of families are suing Walt Disney parks, claiming the theme park giant discriminates against people with disabilities.

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Debbie M. Wilson’s Brain Injury, Epilepsy and Medical Cannabis Story

Brain Injury, Epilepsy, PTSD , Spinal Injury and Dementia Healing with Cannabis
Re: Debbie Wilson’s Brain Healing With Medical Cannabis
My name is Debbie Wilson and on July 2, 1989 I was.  
struck by a pick up truck as a pedestrian. I incurred both
a traumatic brain injury and a spinal injury. I started having
uncontrolled seizures within 2 years of my injury. Five years
after I started having seizures I had my second and severe
traumatic brain injury and this led to clusters of life threatening
seizures lasting up to 72 hours. I had never gone over 3 days
without seizures in the last 18 years. I was evaluated for brain
seizure surgery at UCLA twice and turned down twice, I was also
evaluated for the vagal nerve stimulator twice and not considered
a good risk. I diligently tried and failed on 19 different anti epileptic
medicines in the past 18 years. There was no medicine or procedure
available to me, so I have awaited research the last quarter of a century.
Tisha Siler of Cannacea Medications, thankfully found me after learning
of my story. She offered to help with my epilepsy and neuro healing. II
agreed to have her become my cannabis consultant a year ago. This pasti
year by following Tisha’s knowledgeable advice and taking her medical
cannabis I have made more progress than I had in all those years. I have
been seizure free for almost this entire year, for the first time ever. My
dementia is improving daily, and my family would say there is night and
day difference for the better in my cognitive abilities. I had no feeling in
my hands for 25 years, due to the brain injury, now thanks to Cannacea’s
neuro enhancer I do have feeling in my hands for the first time in a quarter
century. I am now feeling the healing in my cervical area and am able to
come out of the support of my neck brace several hours a day for the first
time ever. I have had my fist normal EEG this year in 23 years. I also did
much better on my neuropsychological test, and I just had
my first normal MRI in 25 years.
Debbie M. Wilson 

Desperate and in Need of Relief

Dear friends, I have found the hardest part of this healing journey is to be so desperate

and still I needed to fight for my rights to patients access, whatever they may be. We are 
Human beings and people first and we ALL deserve and need medication. We, with 
disabilities have a difficult enough life, finding the appropriate medicine to tame our demons, 
Can and often is our biggest challenge. Those of us with brain injuries, epilepsy, PTSD and all the
 rest have had to diligently search. Medical cannabis protects and also heals our damaged 
brains . Medical cannabis represents our HOPE for more and better research. Many of us will 
need very targeted cannabinoid treatment. We are the patients that nothing seems to work for! 
We Are the miracles of the neurology world and we need medical cannabis to have a chance to live
Instead of die, and hope instead of fight for patient rights and cry. As long as we have hope we can cope!  Please vote yes, For our shared hope!

Debbie M. Wilson 

The Cold Hard Truth of Medical Cannabis Politcis

Dear friends, I wish I could have gotten back in touch sooner. I am safe and resting and finally taking time to get my own health back. Yes, this trip took quite a toll but was worth my true personal fee. I will talk about the blessings at a later time. I need all of YOU to realize the truth I and others faced in FL. I still do NOT have computer access, but Nina has agreed to post for me until we decide what to do next. Both The Canna-Moms, with children with life threatening seizures and I were BLOCKED from speaking anywhere to ANY reporters, while in FL! My computer was blocked from all social medial communication, from the time my plane landed in FL. I could get a few messages with my friends help going through my other pages, but each time “they” found me and shut my access out. I had a computer analyst that was a pro amendment 2 supporter in FL offer to check out my computer. He said he personally had NEVER seen anything like it. He told me that someone had paid a whole lot of money to disappear my name. He was utterly amazed at how much money was really spent on one little disabled woman’s words?? He also said I had not been blocked, I had been “bricked.” He did say that this is a government term? He then asked who I had made so mad and I honestly said “I guess everyone that did NOT want the truth of the “healing benefits of medical cannabis to LIGHT at this particular TIME.” Thanks to all of YOU, my friends, my words and medical cannabis trial words can NEVER be hidden! All of YOU made sure of that! We may have closely lost an important state election, but we sure learned education and awareness are the key to global understanding and legalization for all. I am so very PROUD of all of my Medical Cannabis TRUTH warriors. I am fine, and now concentrating on bigger, smarter and a better more effective game plan. I am, as always, looking for like minded volunteers. I also need some computer wiz kids, in order to personally stay in this medical cannabis race! I really do see how his political game of greed is played! WE the People Can and Will Win! 
Debbie M. Wilson

My Cannabis Mom

My Cannabis Mom

We have so many seizures it interferes with our,
ability to think, talk and stand. Our choices are few,
That’s why we do all we can do to fight rally and take
a united stand. 

We need access to a special healing plant,
We have exhausted all other methods of healing or hope.
Medical cannabis is our chance for healing and joy.
We want to see our kids feel like playing with their favorite toy.
We continue suffering through, waiting, anxiously for your vote.

Our lives are so very hard and compassion is very hard to find.
We fight for our loved ones lives, along for their human rights.
Please help stop our behind the scenes suffering and care.
There are far too many precious kids having convulsions and 
living in pure agony. Medical cannabis compassion is our family PLEA!

Debbie Wilson 

Buckets of Tears

Dear friends, I was injured unexpectedly and by a
kid going the wrong way against the arrows. I met
him at the disposition, and I listened to him “lie”. His
grandad was Mayor of the town. He was in grandad’s
truck! The attorney asked if there was anything I 
wanted to ask him? I said just one thing “did you 
every think, about me just once in the past two 
years, he said “no lady”, I never gave you a second
thought!” My son was very angry at the kid for a long
time. He now realizes he probably already paid for what
he did many times over, some way. We all know life is
not fair but it is more evil when people that hurt us simply
not caring. This Fl election took back 25 years to a hurt
I had from a 16 year old who backed over me not caring.
I have seen money do great evil and I can see where
it can do so much more good. It is feeling that someone
was evil enough to ignore people’s lives in the name of
greed.I believe that is how this continued war on healing
on this healing plant started in the first place! Be a friend,
and share with a friend. I walked with uncontrolled seizures
for 23 years. That caused, unimaginable damage, family loss
and buckets of tears. I just wish I had known, but I did not
have the information! Together, we have taken a stand
patients FIRST! Today I am seizure free: We need medical 

cannabis access globally!

Debbie M. Wilson



I am watching your face,
I listen closely to your words.
I think I know the answer,
But I wait and watch ; just in case.

Friends all say that I look the same,
They say that must mean I am fine.
I smile and nod and play the game,
It is easier to just pretend.

But the truth is I must try very hard,
Or they will know I am not the same.
They are fearful of that knowledge,
So I continue to play the game.

Their ignorance makes me angry,
Although I try not to let it show.
But they make me feel defensive,
There is so much they don’t know.

As friends and loved ones protect themselves,
I have been forced to play the game.
I wish you could love me unconditionally,
And quit expecting me to be the same.

It just seems that if you had my injury,
I wouldn’t ask you to be a star.
I would be thankful for our time together,
I would accept you for who you are.

You see I was searching for acceptance,
But it has eluded me for many years.
It was hard for me to accept my changes,
While I was busy calming your fears.

by: Debbie Wilson
Dedicated to my siblings that I love 
dearly and know you miss the "old" me
I was chosen to do some thing new,
I am sorry we had this family tragedy,
But I do know you would be proud if you 
knew the "new" me. We all paid quite a fee.
We were chosen to walk with a different point of view.
The view is either ugly or you can enjoy the becoming new.
The choice is always up to me and you. 
We were chosen to walk with a truth seeker point of view.

Beat Down

Beat Down
We get beat down,
We don’t think we can do another round,
We stop we take a deep, deep breathe,
We remember we don’t stay down on the ground! 
We get beat down,
We don’t think anyone takes us serious, 
We feel like we are the sad joke like the saddest of all clowns,
We can smile and you will never know what got us beat down.
We don’t necessarily act unhappy or carry around a sad frown.
We just figure out how to go forward in a harsh world hand in hand.
We know who we are we sense each other everywhere we are those
That care we don’t like it when life is not fair! 
We try to intervene but there is just so much we can do. We got hurt too. 
We have a unique and more gentle view but we have no trust for most.
We have to search from coast to coast and then we found relief
We get beat down,
We don’t think we can do another round,
We stop we take a deep, deep breathe,
We remember we don’t stay down on the ground! 
Debbie M. Wilson 

Dear friends, I have a nerve healing update:

Dear friends, I have a nerve healing update: First I do not
throw the word healing around I am both a brain injury and
spinal injury survivor. The nerve root pressure I have is C-3-
C-6. It was radiating nerve pain across my shoulders and down
both arms. I had mentioned having some sensation in my hands 
for the first time, this nerve healing, is starting to allow me to use
my arms with out inflaming the nerves or it causing any of the
usual shooting expected nerve pain. My nerve damage is healing.
I am really speechless. Medical cannabis is needed for all
neurology disorders, for many of us this is the greatest NEWS
We have heard since we were injured or diseased! 

The following video is that of Debbie Maynard Wilson Class of 1971 and our Home Coming Queen!

Dear CHS Friends,
The following video is that of Debbie Maynard Wilson Class of 1971 and our Home Coming Queen! Listen to her story and I hope you can appreciate the benefit that medical cannabis has on patients with Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, and other brain injury diseases such as ALS. Personally, members of my immediate family including myself suffer from Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and MS as well as one of our own CHS classmates Rick Durst suffers from ALS. I hold a Masters Degree in Biology and Medical Science from Marshall University. During my course of education I studied biology, botany (plants), zoology (animals), ichthyology (fish) and pharmacological and herbal medicine. I studied and researched as a part of my thesis the use of cannabis, hemp, herbs, spices and other natural medicines that I found as used by the American Indian “medicine” cures. It might be noted that a large percentage of drugs we use today are derivatives of plants and herbs. Cannabis is just one such plant that holds healing properties that promote the re-transmission of neural “signals” in the brain. Some drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, methadone are pharmacologically derived from opium (a plant) and work to decrease the neural signals to brain causing the body to react to pain. These are classified as narcotic analgesics. I sold narcotic analgesics as a pharmaceutical rep for 15 years. I’m sure there are a vast number of you who have benefited from the use of those drugs. They are controlled by the DEA and can be legally obtained by a doctors prescription. Are they abused?? YES.. but they are obtained legally for the relief of pain. The type of cannabis we are faced with approving on Amendment 2 is CBD and would be obtained and controlled legally just as we obtain our controlled drugs, with a doctors approval. CBD does not have the addictive or hallucinogenic properties that THC cannabis has. I could go on to explain to you more but after reading the bill the political and social side of the debate but it would exhaust me. Knowing the properties and actions of CBD cannabis has on the patients in dire need of such healing properties it would be a transitivity not to allow those to have it. I am sure this video will cause the arousal a significant amount of debate among mine and others Facebook page but Debbie’s Story as well as others story must get out. God made this plant for a reason. Just as He made other plants and animals for the sustainment of life. Shouldn’t those of our friends, loved ones and fellow citizens be allowed to legal obtain medical cannabis for the benefit of healing?